About Us

Errand of Mercy is a family owned business that emphasizes compassionate end of life care for companion animals including cats, dogs, birds and exotic small mammals.  Our goal is to help make your companion’s final moments comfortable and peaceful.  Home visits are by appointment only. 

Drs. Layle and Scott Echols have combined experience of over 40 years as veterinarians.  Layle is the current Health Chair for the Italian Greyhound Club of America and collaborates with multiple researchers and veterinary schools to identify the genetic causes of autoimmune diseases, cancer, and other genetic problems in purebred dogs.  Scott is an internationally recognized speaker, author and filmographer and, and among other interests, has worked to improve the lives and living conditions of captive animals, especially birds.

As veterinarians, we understand that euthanasia is a privilege meant to end the suffering of terminal illness or severe chronic pain in animals.  If you would like, we will contact your veterinarian after the euthanasia process to inform them of your pet's passing.

We use Major Street Pet Services for final care of your pet's remains.You may visit their website here. Feel free to contact them with any questions you might have.